Permanent Orienteering Course at Kilkenny Castle Park

Following the December 2012 launch of the permanent Orienteering Course at Kilkenny Castle Park in association with Waterford Orienteers, please note that three maps, Short (1.8km), Medium (2.4km) and Long (3.5km) distances, are FREE to download.

The orienteering course is open to all – families, individuals, clubs and schools.  What an amazing way to explore the flora and fauna of Kilkenny Castle Park whilst enjoying the exercise in beautiful surroundings.  There is also a small area of the Canal Walk involved in the courses.

To tackle your chosen distance:
  1. Download the map for your chosen distance (as well as the answer sheet for checking at the end);
  2. Find the controls in the order shown on the map;
  3. Complete the numbered code of the marker post in the corresponding box;
  4. At the end of the Course, check your answers are correct (by referring to the answer sheet);
  5. Good luck and enjoy!
To organise a specific event please contact:

Anne Teehan or Colm Mangan

For further information on Orienteering in the South East please visit Waterford Orienteering (WAT-O)

Please note that Orienteering is an adventure sport that involves crossing rough and uneven terrain, tracks and paths. Please wear appropriate footwear.  The Office of Public Works and WAT-O do not accept responsibility for any injuries incurred.


Short Course 1.8km (PDF)

Medium Course 2.4km (PDF)

Long Course 3.5km (PDF)

Answer sheet for 3 distances (PDF)