Pacific Northwest Intercollegiate Marching Band. Thursday 16th March 3:15pm

OPW Kilkenny Castle is delighted to welcome the award winning - PACIFIC NORTHWEST INTERCOLLEGIATE MARCHING BAND - to Kilkenny Castle Park on Thursday 16th March at 3:15pm.

This will be another wonderful spectacle as the Band draws its membership form the three largest universities within the United States Pacific Northwest - (University of Washington, University of Oregon and Washington State University).

Following their much anticipated performance at Kilkenny Castle Park, the Band will continue to Dublin for the St Patrick's Day Parade on the following day.

Under the direction of Dr. Brad McDavid, these marching bands collectively bring an impressive tradition of excellence to the world of American marching bands and will equally provide a colourful blend of colour and musical variety.

Do come along and enjoy this FREE spectacle. 


2017 - Pacific Northwest Intercollegate Marching Band - Thurs 150317