Kilkenny Castle is lighting up green to support See Change's National Green Ribbon Campaign.

Kilkenny Castle is lighting up green from 27th April to 1st May to support See Change's national Green Ribbon Campaign

In May 2017, See Change and its partner organisations will host the 5th annual Green Ribbon campaign to get Ireland talking about mental health. The Green Ribbon campaign has proven to be See Change’s flagship campaign where one month in the Irish calendar is now earmarked for helping to end the stigma of mental health difficulties with thousands of organisations, groups, workplaces and individuals. The campaign spreads the message that you don’t have to be an expert to talk about mental health or have all the answers. Sometimes the most helpful thing you can do is let someone know that you are there for them and simply listen. With the help of our 90 partner organisations and over 60 ambassadors, See Change will distribute 500,000 Green Ribbons nationwide and free of charge in conjunction with hundreds of local and national events to help end the silence on mental health.

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