The Second Generation

On Isabel’s death in 1220, just one year after her husband, her estates in Ireland passed to their eldest son William (c.1190-1231), 5th Earl of Pembroke, who also rose to be a great magnate. William was appointed Justiciar of Ireland in 1224 for a term of two years.

He was reputed to be a notable builder of castles and was responsible for much of the structure of the great castle of Chepstow in Wales.

He died suddenly in 1231 and was succeeded by his brother Richard, who is recorded as dying in his castle at Kilkenny after wounds received at a battle on the Curragh, County Kildare.

Following the death of the fifth and last Marshal son, Anslem in 1245, their inheritance was eventually divided between representatives of their five sisters who were co-heiresses.