Bird Boxes 


Barn Owl

This is the Barn Owl box put up in the park. The Barn Owl does not use branches to make her nest she uses her own pellets to keep the eggs from moving around in the nest box.

For this reason, there is a tunnel on the front of the nest box which discourages other birds from using it.

However, an opportunist swarm of honey bees have taken this one over.

There are 6 boxes in the park but no owl residents yet.

There are bees in two of the boxes though.

Tree Creeper

This is the bird box for a small rare bird called a Tree Creeper.

There are quite a lot of them in the park. They go around the bark of trees eating the insects as they go.

They nest in hollows in branch cavities of trees which is replicated by the triangle hole in the branch.

Blue Tit

This Blue Tit nest box was placed beside the original nest site.

You can see the similarities in size and shape. The natural nest is used every year while the artificial one has never been used.

Blue Tits’ next boxes bear different size holes to suit different birds:

  • 25mm for Blue Tits and Coal Tits
  • 28mm for Great Tits

For House Sparrows, the size of the hole is 32mm and all those birds live in the Castle Park.