Primary Schools

Experience Kilkenny Castle on site or from your classroom

Free Visits

Under the OPW Free Educational Visits for Schools Scheme we offer free visits of Kilkenny Castle to primary and secondary schools. (advance booking essential).

To book a visit or to find out further information, please contact Group Bookings

Tel. 056 770 4106


For more information on the OPW Free Educational Visits for Schools Scheme please visit:


Resources for the Classroom

The following resources are available to download from our website free of charge:

Caisleán Chill Chainnigh Treoir do Chuairteoirí (PDF)

Kilkenny Castle Visitor guide (PDF)

Downloadable Educational Pack for Third & Fourth Classes Primary Schools

The following pack is designed to assist with third and fourth classed primary schools, in-class learning and can be used in conjunction with an onsite visit. 

Strand Unit: Life, society, work and culture in the past

  • Life in Norman Ireland
  • Life in medieval towns, countryside, and Europe

CASTLES PowerPoint

A presentation that can assist teachers with the aspect of learning covering Life in Norman Ireland and Life in Medieval town.

Students can become familiar with Norman homes, clothes and cooking with this PowerPoint with a key focus on Kilkenny Castle and William Marshal.

Please email to get the free PowerPoint

CASTLES student’s Fact Sheet

2-side printable pamphlet is to assist with the PowerPoint presentation.

CASTLES Student’s Worksheet

A worksheet that has a range of activities:

  • matching words & meaning
  • tell the story
  • multi choice Q & A
  • draw your own castle

Castles Fact Sheet (PDF)

Castles Worksheet (PDF)

image of worksheet on potatoes

Busy Buzzing Bees (PDF)

image of worksheet on potatoes

Perfect Potatoes Factsheet (PDF)

Additional activities for students :

Crossword (PDF)

Wordsearch (PDF)

Tree Day Worksheet  “Holly Tree” (PDF)

Tree Week Worksheet (PDF)

Nature Trail (PDF)

Tree Trail (PDF)