Kilkenny Castle Terms & Conditions 

Tour Operators & Groups

To ensure smooth operation and an enjoyable visit for all, please note the following terms and conditions for all group visits:



  • All groups of more than 6 pax must contact our booking team either by email: or by phone 00 353 (0) 46 9423010
  • Group bookings should be made at least 2 weeks in advance of visit and re-confirmed by email or phone to 00 353 (0) 46 9423010 at least 48 hours in advance of visit.
  • Group rate applies to any group above 20 pax.
  • Tour Operators on the OPW voucher list can avail of the Group rate for smaller group.

All groups of 7 or more must contact our booking team to reserve. Advance bookings for groups of 6 or less cannot be processed by our booking team, however clients can exchange their voucher for a ticket at the ticket desk on arrival for the next available guided tour or non-guided visit.

The clients are requested to present a paper voucher to the Ticket desk as a method of payment or the clients will be asked to pay with another method of payment (Cash or Credit card) on arrival. Digital copies will not be accepted. Tour companies are asked to ensure that the option available to the client is stated on voucher if the visit is guided or non-guided option or both.


  • For non-guided visits, the maximum size of a group inclusive of group leaders is 45 people, with staggered entry. For groups in excess of 45 people multiple time slots must be For the guided tours the maximum size of a group inclusive of group leaders is 35 people. For groups in excess of 35 people multiple time slots must be booked.
  • Group bookings of 7 or more, are not permitted online and must be done by contacting Failure to respect the online booking requirements will result in admission being refused and tickets will not be refunded, as per our online terms and conditions. Abuse of the online booking system may also affect your ability to make future bookings.
  • A request for booking does not qualify as a firm booking.
  • There are limited guided tours timeslots available to groups, and will be allocated pending availability and must be requested and confirmed prior to date of visit. Groups of 10 or more will be allocated a specific timeslots. Groups under 10 will be added to public tours. ***If for some unforeseen circumstance we are unable to provide a guide tour a non guided visit will be offered, and the relevant rates will apply.  Translations are not permitted to take place on public guided tours.
  • Parts of the Castle may not be suitable for people with limited mobility. If you have any concerns, please contact us before visiting.
  • Late cancellations will affect future bookings.
  • Bookings can only be cancelled or amended by the company’s booking office.
  • Access to rooms and opening arrangements may be subject to change at short notice.
  • In the event of severe weather warning/exceptional events, Kilkenny Castle & Park reserve the right to close at short notice. Site closures will be announced on social media and our web site, it is the responsibility of the tour operators to ensure the site is open for business prior to arrival.
  • The Castle or some rooms may be closed on certain occasions for works or government/private business.



  • Payment is due on arrival. The tour leader may pay by cash, credit card or OPW approved voucher at the Ticket Desk. Failure to present a methods of payment prior to commencement of visit, will result in admission been refused. When payment is by voucher, the voucher must be a pre-printed paper voucher, digital copies will not be accepted. Please note that we are not in a position to store and/or print vouchers on behalf of Tour operators/ Tour leaders.

New tour operators wishing to be included on the voucher scheme should contact .

  • To avail of the group rate, payment must be made in one transaction. Group rate applies to groups of 20 people upwards, unless company is part of the OPW tour operator voucher. No individual tickets will be issued.


On Arrival:


  • Group leaders should advise the Castle of any possible delay on the day. The Castle reserves the right to reschedule a visit if the group arrives late for their allocated time. Groups booked on Guided Tour are advised if they are delayed, the tour route and duration of the tour may be altered. Following delayed arrival, we may be unable to provide a guided tour timeslot and may offer a non-guided visit will be offered, where available (relevant rates will apply).
  • On arrival, the group leader only must check in at our Ticket Desk. Please ensure that the group gather in the Castle Courtyard and are ready to begin their visit at their allocated timeslot and without backpacks, but away from the Front Door so as not to block the Castle’s main entrance for other visitors entering or leaving. Please note that it is also an emergency evacuation exit.
  • Castle Staff will collect the group and its leader(s) from the Courtyard when the time comes to visit the Castle.
  • Toilet facilities on site are limited and access may be subject to long queues.


The Visit:


To ensure that all our visitors have an enjoyable experience at Kilkenny Castle we are asking for the full cooperation of Tour Leaders regarding the following guidelines.

  • In the interest of Health & Safety on site, all visitors including couriers must abide by the Castle Staff’s instructions
  • The courier and the group must follow the designated tour route unless instructed otherwise by a member of our staff
  • Non-guided and Guided Tours routes may be altered at any time for operational reasons.
  • The 45 minutes timeline of the non-guided visits is to be respected (as per Terms & Conditions of the OPW Tour Operator Scheme)
  • Guided tour: One of our experienced guide will lead you throughout the restored Period Rooms of Kilkenny Castle and will put the spotlight on fascinating characters and hidden gems. The guided tour give an unique opportunity to learn more about Kilkenny Castle and its Collections with exclusive access to the Medieval Foundations, the West Tower and the Ducal Palace Exhibition. Couriers are welcome to translate and accompany their groups but must follow Castle’s staff instructions at all time. All guided tours are in English only, NOTE: Please allow more time if your leader/courier is translating. Translating option is not available on public tours. ***If for some unforeseen circumstance we are unable to provide a guided tour, a non-guided visit will be offered pending availability, and an appropriate rate will apply.
  • Non-guided visit: this option will allow visitors to explore the period rooms, exhibition rooms at their own pace. Entry will be staggered for groups and please be aware that our queuing system is outdoors. Leaflets will be provided and visitors will find QR codes* and information panels in the period rooms. We now have free audio guides* available in various languages to compliment the non-guided visit of the Castle. They can be downloaded free of charge from our website:

Groups are required to use their own headphones when using the audio guide in the Period Room to minimise inconvenience to other visitors.

We recommend your clients view our movie presentation* (12 minutes in English) in the Medieval Room, prior to their booked timeslot. We welcome tour leaders/couriers to accompany their groups on theirs visit, we wish to advise group leaders are not permitted to gather and formally address their groups in the period / exhibition rooms under a non- guided timeslots. –

*subject to availability.

  • Emergency evacuation routes, Ticket Desk area and viewing areas are not to be blocked by the group.
  • Individual visitors are not obstructed by the group.
  • Ensure that you and your group do not handle collections/OPW property.
  • Ensure that you and your group do not enter roped off areas.
  • Food, drink, chewing gum and use of E cigarettes are not permitted inside the Castle.
  • Photographs video recording are permitted for private and personal purposes only, however flash photography is strictly not allowed.  No Video recording on guided tour.
  • As part of the Kilkenny Castle Child Protection Policy persons under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • OPW staff will treat all customers with respect and dignity and our customers are requested to treat staff and other visitors in a similar manner.
  • The OPW reserves the right to withdraw services to anyone who engages in abusive behaviour towards our staff and/or visitors.


Backpack Policy:

In order to protect our collection we kindly ask visitors to prepare for their visit and do not bring large bags to Kilkenny Castle. Booked groups will not be permitted to visit the period rooms with backpacks.

****Please note there is no storage facilities on site for groups. Booking will not be confirmed until our Backpack Policy is signed and returned.





Parts of the Castle may not be suitable for people with limited mobility and if you have any concerns or questions please contact us before visiting.

Toilet facilities for visitors with disabilities available on request.

Our social stories are available for Neurodiverse Visitors. Please follow link: .


A major programme of conservation, maintenance and upgrade works will take place in the course of 2024 at Kilkenny Castle & Park. Although we will endeavour to minimise the impact to our visitors and their visiting experience, it may cause disruption to the access and tour route of Kilkenny Castle. These future-proofing works will improve Kilkenny Castle offerings for all our visitors and as valued industry partners we ask for your cooperation, patience and understanding.



We look forward to welcoming your group to Kilkenny Castle and wish them all an enjoyable visit.